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The Placa de Catalunya is a very popular tourist attraction because of the amazing and unique architecture.  This is a large town square and is considered as the center of Barcelona.

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Barcelona / Interesting things you may not know about Barcelona

1. Barcelona Beaches

Up until 1992 the beachfront of Barcelona was an industrial area, the city created the beaches and surrounding leisure and recreation areas to prepare for the Olympic Games. There are seven beaches across the 4.5km of Barcelonan coastline.

2. Gaudi's Ass

At the entrance to the La Sagrada Familia is a carving of a donkey created by Gaudi who was presented with all the finest donkeys in the city to use as a model. Instead the artists chose to use the old donkey of a women selling sand at the church entrance.

3. Traditional Barcelonan dance

Flamenco is not a Catalonian dance so although tourists may be treated to a flamenco show the most popular form of dance is contemporary dance.

4. Pedestrian Barcelona

With over 35% of tourist routes around the city being possible on foot Barcelona is an extremely pedestrian city with 130 hectares of pedestrian routes. This may be because with a traffic accident approximately every 19 seconds the municipality would rather have everyone on pedestrian roads!

5. Portal de l'Angel

This street is not only Barcelona's most walked on street but the most walked on street in all of Spain. About 3500 pedestrians walk down Portal de l'Angel every hour.

6. FC Barcelona

All of Barcelona's official sports teams, basketball, handball, hockey and football, wear the same team colors of blue and maroon giving them the nickname "Blaugrana." As we're talking about football, the Barcelona football stadium, Camp Nou, is the biggest stadium in Europe.

7. UNESCO Barcelona

There are eight UNESCO sites in Barcelona – Park Guell, Palau Guell, Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, façade of the nativity and crypt of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau.

8. Big Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid and has a population of 1,615,448 (2011) and covers 101.4km², Barcelona is also the capital of Catalonia. Catalonia is an autonomous community comprised of the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarrogona.

9. Dead Center of Barcelona

The city has several interesting cemeteries that have become popular tourist attractions. A walk through the cemeteries is like a walk through history. The 18th century Poble Nou cemetery has tombs and poignant statues and in the Mountain of the Dead on Montjuic lie Joan Miro, Joan Gamper and 4,000 victims of the Civil War.

10. Popular Barcelona

Barcelona is the fourth most visited city in Europe after Paris, London and Rome. The city is listed on Trip Advisor as 8# of Top 25 Destinations in the World and the #1 Destination in Spain beating Madrid and Seville. The city has been listed among the top ten beach cities by National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

11. Barcelona – The song

The city features in several songs including Queen's Barcelona sung by Freddie Mercury; La rumba de Barcelona by Manu Chao and Barcelona by the Israeli icon Zohar Argov. Then there are bands with the city's name like the Swedish band I'm from Barcelona; the Indie rock band Barcelona from Seattle, USA and another Barcelona band from Arlington, Virginia.

12. Mammoth Barcelona

In Parc de Ciutadella there is a statue of a mammoth but at the Barcelona Mammoth Museum you can see and even hold the remains of a real mammoth which were found in Siberia. The unique exhibit includes mammoth tusks, fossilized teeth, dried skin and a huge mammoth skeleton.

13. La Rambla

When you think of La Rambla you think of the one main pedestrian street, but it is in fact five streets joined together to create the 2km long walk way. That's why you'll sometimes hear it called the plural Las Ramblas.

14. La Sagrada Familia

Francisco de Paula del Villar was the original architect commissioned to build the church, the crypt was constructed according to his design (1882) and a year later Gaudi took over. 

15. Gay Barcelona

Despite approximately 70% of Spaniards being Catholic Spain legalized same-sex marriage in 2005. Approximately 2.38% (2011) of marriages in Spain are same-sex and Catalonia is the most popular region for same-sex wedding ceremonies in Spain.

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