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The Placa de Catalunya is a very popular tourist attraction because of the amazing and unique architecture.  This is a large town square and is considered as the center of Barcelona.

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Barcelona / Interesting ways of getting around Barcelona

Barcelona has an extensive and efficient public transport system but if you want to move in more interesting ways then here are other, more unusual ways of getting around Barcelona.

Vespas and Scooters

You can rent a Vespa from a number of outlets in Barcelona. Many of the Vespas come with a GPS so you can explore the city independently. If you're a bit nervous of getting lost or facing the traffic alone then there are organized Vespa tours. On a Vespa tour you'll still be riding the Vespa by yourself but you'll be with a guide and other tourists on other Vespas. There are guided scooter tours which have the same idea but you'll be riding a 125cc scooter, led by a professional guide and you'll be in a group of about 10 tourists. A Vespa GPS guided tour (meaning you are without a human guide) can cost about €45 and the group scooter tour (with a human guide) costs €50 per bike which can take 1 or 2 people. For more information about these tours visit


These can usually be rented from the same outlets which rent out Vespas and scooters. The small cars are fitted with a GPS so you can map out a route past all the sites. The car is a 2-seater, it has 3 wheels and is powered by a scooter engine. This means that if you have a valid driver's license you can drive one. There is automatic transmission, it is more stable than a scooter because of the third wheel and you only have to use a break and accelerator. The GoCars are available from 10am to 7pm (9pm in the summer) and are rented out for 1 (€35); 2 (€60) or 3 (€80) hours. One of the outlets is near to the Jaume metro station at Carrer Freixure 23 and another is at Pas de Sota Muralla 3 near the Barceloneta metro station. There is now also a new electric GoCar which is a greener option.

Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

Take a romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage with your own personal "driver". You can sit back and relax, enjoy the sites and let your driver/guide do the work. You'll hear the clip clop of the horse's hoofs and be able to get from place to place easily. The Calesses horse and carriage rides leave from Portal de la Pau (Plaza de Colon) at the end of the Rambla. A typical tour takes an hour and the rides are offered from 12 noon until 8pm daily.


Take a guided Segway tour for either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. A knowledgeable guide shows you how to use the Segway and then leads you around the city telling you a bit about each site on the way and giving you time to stop and admire the sites.The average price is €45 - €60.


There are a number of tour guide companies who offer guided bike tours of the city and others which will rent you a bike so you can explore the city alone. If you opt for a guided bike tour then there are a few variations to choose from: The most basic is a 3 hour bike tour which takes in all the city's most important sites. Prices are €18 - €22 and there is also a night time option. The Alternative Bike Tour offered by Steel Donkey Bike Tours gives you unusual off-the-beaten-path tours where no two tours are the same. You get away from the main sites and see things not found in guide books. These tours cost approximately €35 and last 4-5 hours. You can also find bike and wine tours, bike and cuisine tours and eco-friendly bike tours.


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