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The Placa de Catalunya is a very popular tourist attraction because of the amazing and unique architecture.  This is a large town square and is considered as the center of Barcelona.

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Barcelona / 10 Traditional Foods to try in Barcelona

Barcelona's traditional cuisine is made with the fresh produce grown in the surrounding fields and the fresh seafood caught off the Catalonian coastline. The meals are hearty, filling and make you feel like you've come home!

1. Butifarra

A spicy sausage served as tapas, grilled, barbecued, raw or cooked in main dishes. The sausage is made with spicy uncooked pork and comes in the white or black variety.

2. Paellas

Perhaps the most famous Spanish dish, there are several variations on this theme. It is basically rice mixed with a variety of seafoods – pieces of fish, small shrimps and pieces of crab meat. Also try the Fideuas seafood paella made with short noodles instead of rice.

3. Chorizo

This is a pork sausage and can be uncooked, grilled, fried, fermented, cured or smoked. One of the key ingredients is red peppers (paprika) which give the sausage a distinctive red color. Sometimes the sausage is ground up like mince meat and used in savory dishes.

4. Mel I Mato

This is a local cheese made from goat's milk, it is soft and unsalted and can be served with honey and walnuts. It is a little like ricotta with a bland yet pure taste that goes well with anything.

5. Pan Con Tomate

Often served as tapas, hot toasted bread is rubbed with garlic, spread with crushed tomato and then olive oil is drizzled on top.

6. Escudella

A traditional Catalan stew made with meat, beans, potatoes, and sometimes other vegetables. The soup can be eaten as-is or separated out to three courses so that you eat the soup, then the meat and finally the vegetables.

7. Crema Catalana

For something sweet try this crème Brule-type dessert with smooth lemon and cinnamon flavored cream and caramelized sugar on top.

8. Suquet de Peix

A seafood dish made with the addition of potatoes, garlic and tomatoes. The stew can contain any kinds of fish, shrimps, lobster and crab meat depending on what is available.

9. Tapas

Spanish fast food, snacks or appetizers, tapas are served in both the cheap eateries and the better restaurants. They are served both hot and cold and come in small portions so that you can sample a few flavors. They are usually small enough to eat in one or two bites and often by hand. For example there is Xipiron (fried squid), Pernil Iberic (Spanish ham) and Croquetes de pollastre I pernil.

10. Allioli

This is a white paste looking sauce a little like mayonnaise but made with olive oil and garlic. It can be served with a variety of dishes including fish, meat or even just bread. It can be used in the preparation and cooking of the dish or served on the side.

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