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The Placa de Catalunya is a very popular tourist attraction because of the amazing and unique architecture.  This is a large town square and is considered as the center of Barcelona.

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Barcelona / What to Expect from the Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate meaning that the weather is for the most part dry and sunny most of the year. However the winds blowing in from the Atlantic and the elevated position of the city makes the city-heat milder than the nearby coastal resorts. So the weather is milder year round, meaning not only can you enjoy the summer without sunstroke but the winters are bearable as well. As the name of this stretch of coastline suggests, Costa Brava – The Wild Coast, Barcelona can have unpredictable weather.

Summer in Barcelona (High Season)

Barcelona's high season runs from March to August with the heat peaking in August and the summer being from June to August. This is of course the most popular time to visit Barcelona although it is also the most crowded and expensive. However thanks to the low humidity and sea breezes you won't be sticky and hot. The Barcelona summer winds make the city a popular spot for surfing and water sports. Barcelona is dry and warm in the summer with the occasional surprise thunderstorm and downpour. At the height of summer you can get 9 – 10 hours of sunlight a day. With a sea temperature of about 25°C in August, summer time in Barcelona is perfect beach weather.

Spring and Autumn

If you are not coming to Barcelona specifically for the beaches then the shoulder season may be the best time for you to travel. The shoulder seasons fall just before (March to May) and just after (October and November) the high season. The prices are average and there are fewer crowds during the Spring and Autumn in Barcelona but the weather is definitely more pleasant than in the winter. You'll need a swim suit and an umbrella as well as a light jacket for the chillier evenings. In October there are frequent showers, some fog and cold nights. November sees less rain than October but it is still cold and frequently foggy.

Winter in Barcelona (Low Season)

The low season in Barcelona runs from November to February with winter really setting in from December to February. The winter or low season is the least popular time to visit Barcelona yet it has several advantages – there are fewer crowds, the prices are often cheaper and the weather, although not hot as in the summer, is still mild and enjoyable. In the winter in Barcelona you'll still be able to walk around and see the sites although it is not dry like the summer and you will need a reliable umbrella. The rain diminishes as the winter progresses but it often snows in January.

Barcelona Climate Facts and Figures:

  • 2600 average number of hours of sunshine a year.
  • Wettest month – September
  • Warmest month – August
  • Driest month – July
  • Coolest month – January
  • Annual maximum temperature – 28°C
  • Annual minimum temperature – 4 C
  • Most humid month – September
  • Most sunlight hours – July (average 10 hours)
  • Least sunlight hours – November/December (average 4 hours)
  • Warmest water temperature – June to October
  • Best time to visit in terms f the weather – Anytime!

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